Customer communication is key and we make it simpler so that you can focus on what matters to you the most.

There are other companies that “in a way or another” do what we do such as the what and the how. But our clients engage with us based on the why and the who simply because we think business “sense” that is set out to connect hotels and online visitors especially when it matters the most.

Ultro is here to help hotels connect with their online visitors around the world. Our platform has been built in-house from the ground up using some of the latest technologies. Ultro will greatly support hotels with their customer engagement, making communication easier, accessible and measurable than ever before.


We strongly believe in certain frameworks, and ours is what shapes our collective decision-making.

Getting it done

We work very hard to ensure our goals are geared towards the benefit of our ecosystem and part of it is our clients. Every team member has a twin and this can be either passion, team spirit or brilliance.

Learning by inspiration

Being hospitality centric doesn’t mean we cannot look beyond the hospitality industry. In fact, we look at other industries when it comes to technological innovation.

The fun stuff

We make sure we fulfil our needs when it comes to our personal addictions. Whether its online gaming, playing with codes or learning to make the perfect pancake, we make sure we have time for that too.


Why Ultro?

Customer tracking

See how great your customer engagement is getting and continue improving until you reach your goals.

Live chat

Do most of the heavy lifting with live chat and surprise your customers with instant answers.


Bottom line? everyone loves it. Discover new opportunities while customers are at the right location of your website.

Task tracking

Create tasks right within the unified inbox and resolve issues and measure your resolution performance.

Customer engagement

Easy set up. Spend just few minutes to get it going and start engaging with your customers.

Cost effective

Cost effectiveness. One live chat account can talk with 10 times more customers than over the phone

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