Ultro Inbox

Centralised platform

One place to manage your multi-channel conversations and optimize your engagement performance with Ultro's integrated inbox platform.​

History chat tracking

Keep the history from all your multi-channel messages to better investigate any enquiries, complaints or simply tasks.

Simple and intuitive

Ultro's simplicity and ease of use makes it possible to quickly learn how to best navigate within the platform in a very short amount of time.

Smart views

Smart views create clear visibility within all your incoming messages so that you understand which channels require more attention.

Lightning fast

Using the latest web and mobile technologies makes the Ultro platform lightning fast whether on desktop or mobile devices.

Tasks integration

Create tasks while you are still engaging your online visitors. Assign conversations based on predefined rules.


Tagging streamlines your message management and facilitates seamless team collaboration by applying tags that organize messages based on your workflow.

Contacts management

Leverage on the power of your PMS guest lists to customize your contact profiles to create the right insights that meet your needs.

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