Ultro Tasks

Tasks assignment

Assign tasks from Ultro Livechat or Ultro Inbox and view them based on tasks status, assignees or specific workflows.

Kanban board

All attention goes to the most important tasks. Kanban view delivers a simple view of all your tasks based on your pre-defined workflow.

Task source

Tasks can be triggered through multiple channels. Whether its phone, email, Ultro Livechat or even Ultro Inbox, you will have full views based on your needs.


Ultro task management support attachments. Add customer invoice, transfer confirmation or anything else that is relevant to the task.

Task tracking

Track your tasks or cross department tasks to view the status. View the tasks based on specific filter to you focus on what matters the most.


Track your tasks volume, analyse teams productivity. Get a holistic view on trends, resolutions and delays to anticipate customer needs and increase satisfaction.

Automated tagging

Be fast with automated tagging. View and action the tasks where urgency is needed through automated tagging based source of the task, profile associated with the task and much more.

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